Best Gyms in Columbus, Ohio

Finding a good gym is about chemistry and goals. Not every gym is for every person, and not every person wants to go to a typical gym. For me personally, I don’t like the usual treadmill/weight gyms. I like somewhere where I can have more focus individually and kick things into high gear. So I choose to box.


Gregory’s Corner

This gym is run by Steve Gregory, a world-class boxing coach who has trained fighters that went on to defeat champions like Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. He’s also trained 1 world champion, 1 UFC world champion and 37 Golden Glove champions.

He uses old-school techniques with new-school vigor to teach students the basics of boxing: how to stand, how to throw a punch, how to kick with proper technique, how to handle yourself in the ring for the first time.


Beyond Limits Training

Open 24 hours a day, Beyond Limits Training really does take things beyond what you’re used to. Forget everything you knew about weightlifting—for me this wasn’t very difficult a task. Owner Rich Lauro brings together both the novice and advanced bodybuilder for an enthusiastic workout that’s sure to kick your ass. I loved my time at this gym—and no, it’s not because the owner is especially sexy. Okay, yes it is. But seriously, people. Let’s not get too immature.

I found the environment at BLT to be very supportive and upbeat—where many other gyms didn’t make me feel welcome, they did.


The Fitness Loft

TONS OF EQUIPMENT! This always bothers me at other gyms when I want to use a machine and have to wait in the unspoken line that we all understand. They have a variety of options designed to target your muscles and give you a high-impact workout that will make you feel invigorated.

But, the great thing about The Fitness Loft is that it incorporates more than just weights and working out. They also have a corporate wellness program, individual and group training, and an exciting array of different classes!


Cycle 614

Get ready to be addicted to cycling. Usually when businesses advertise that they’re the “only” one of something, I grimace. I don’t like being told I have to attend a place just because it’s the only option I have for that type of workout. So if you’re thinking the same thing, I’ll stop you there. This is the ONLY gym in Columbus that has its main focus on fitness cycling. The motto rings true when you go for a workout: You Spin and You Win!

I felt great working out here. The space is a little tight, but I found myself conversing with other people and meeting new friends. Not usually a great experience for the novice-gym-goer, but for me, it was wonderful!

So there you have it. My favorite gyms in Columbus, Ohio. They are all very different from one another, so you can absolutely customize your workout for what you like to do. Get ready to rock, sweat, punch, run, dance and bike your way to the best body you’ve ever had!