Sup, I’m Quinn. I’m a 2-time MMA black belt, all-around health maniac, and athlete. Thanks for checking out FlexforFitness, a blog where you and I are gonna figure out the best ways to stay healthy & fit in a world constantly bombarding us with unhealthy foods.

It’s my mission to fight junk food & laziness with passion, athletic performance and healthy habits. The most elite thing about fitness to me is that ANYONE can do it!


If you’re tired of the gym scene, the treadmills, the ellipticals, the muscle-headed/selfie-taking douchebags, you’re not alone! If you’re more interested in real-life self-defense, usable and affordable recipes for the every day working professional, and a community where you can learn and make friends, then you’re in the right place.



Fitness is about determination, dedication and deliverance.


First, you must determine your goal. For me, I started my journey at 186 pounds. I’m 5’2”, so that’s extremely unhealthy for my small frame. My goal was to make it to 150 again, the weight I was when I was married. That was only 36 pounds; people have lost more, right? That was my goal. I DETERMINED it.


Next you must dedicate yourself to following through. I began boxing and over a year, I shaved off more than just 36 pounds—I lost DOUBLE. 71 pounds later, I had reached my goal. 115 pounds of solid, healthy muscle that could kick my trainer’s asses.


I had reached the deliverance phase. Finally, I am in a place in my life where I know I can help others. As I keep track of my journey, I hope you’ll let me know about yours. Keep in touch with me, ask me questions, join me in changing lives!


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