Meditation in Motion: The Exercise & Art of Flowing

Flow art: a term used to describe a variety of movement-based disciplines including fire dancing, juggling, fire spinning, object manipulation, hula hooping, yoga, martial arts and more. Common forms include spinning, hooping, juggling, sphere manipulation and fan dance. It’s Saturday night at Mad Hatters, a small ethnobotanical tea bar in North St. Petersburg, FL. Patrons […]

Easy recipes on the go

After my father passed away from heart failure, I broke up with processed meats and fast food and decided to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, I camp, box, practice yoga, and eat organic foods. I want to share with you a few recipes that have SERIOUSLY helped me stabilize my diet and live a better […]

The Best Non-Traditional Workouts

There’s been some questions and comments about non-traditional workouts, so I wanted to review a few with you. Sledgehammer Workouts One of my good friends introduced me to this. He works for Newark Roofing Service (fun fact, also the same guys that re-did my roof last summer) and they do a lot of physical labor. […]

Types of Yoga—Yes, the Boxer Does Yoga

Yoga originated in ancient India as a spiritual tenet of Eastern Hindu philosophy. The early form of the word literally means to attach, join, or unite. Yoga is increasing in popularity due to its benefits which range from improved balance, sexual health, coordination, mental health, joint flexibility, cardiovascular health, muscular strength and more! Adding Yoga […]

How to Build a Home Fitness Center

Like many Americans, you may be feeling the weight (no pun intended) of the cost of a gym membership. Being healthy is NOT cheap. From supplements to gym memberships to trainers to organic foods, it’s exhausting being healthy. Good thing all those green veggies are giving you the boost you need to keep up with […]

Best Gyms in Columbus, Ohio

Finding a good gym is about chemistry and goals. Not every gym is for every person, and not every person wants to go to a typical gym. For me personally, I don’t like the usual treadmill/weight gyms. I like somewhere where I can have more focus individually and kick things into high gear. So I […]

Starting HCG Diet

So you’ve decided to start taking HCG? Well good on ya. Now you need to make sure you’re prepared. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnant women that almost completely controls the metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy. So it’s natural. It can be used […]


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